Apprenticeship as Technician for Detail Design & Workshop Drawings

After graduating from school (e.g. Abitur, Fachabitur, Mittlere Reife and comparable), you can start an apprenticeship at ISP to finish as a Technician for Detail Design & Workshop Drawings ("Technischen Systemplaner, Bereich Stahl- & Metallbautechnik").
Please send your application latest until 10 months before graduating from school. The apprenticeship usually starts in august and lasts for 3.5 years. Please feel free to ask for an internship beforehand to get a taste of what you can expect from the apprenticeship. 

The following should characterize you:

  • very good three-dimensional imagination.
  • great interest in mathematics, physics, technical matters. 
  • experience with computer and especially CAD / drawing programs.
  • experience with Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word).
  • Good Graduation (Abitur, Fachabitur, Mittlere Reife and comparable) until starting the apprenticeship.

On top of that, you are: 

  • determined
  • motivated
  • able to work in a team
  • able to work under pressure

Your tasks: 
During your apprenticeship you learn and will be trained hands-on how to design steel structure connections and how to create workshop drawings. You will be trained to use 2D- and 3D-CAD-software. Your apprenticeship will be organized on terms if the IHK, where you will attend the part-time professional school (Berufsschule) and where you will take tests and exams . 

Your desk:
CAD-desk with 24'' Monitor, all necessary CAD-programs (2D, 3D), Email.

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