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ISP is a professional Engineering Company for designing and dimensioning steel structures of any kind. ISP was founded over 35 years ago and has been a reliable partner for all of our clients since. In our offices, we employ 20 engineers and technicians. Besides our core engineering services including the basic and detail design and all calculations of structural steel constructions - especially for industrial buildings - we have also taken over further services and tasks (managing, architectural & engineering) for our clients in many projects. 

Our clients belong to different industrial branches - that is why the requirements on the steel structures we design have manifold characteristics. To name a few, we are working on projects within the following industrial branches: 

  • Chemical Plants
  • Steel Mills, Steel Works & Steel Refinement Plants
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering,  Plant Engineering & Construction 
  • Materials Handling
  • Power Plants  
  • Coke Oven Plants    
  • Cement Plants
  • (Steam) Reformers
  • Sporting Event Buildings, Major Event Buildings
  • Telecommunication Structures, Cell Towers
  • Petrochemical Plants

With all of our clients, we maintain working relationships for many years. Longterm business relationships and a cooperative working atmosphere with our clients are essential for ISP and for the success of any project. 


ISP was founded more than 35 years ago in 1981 as a company for detail design and workshop drawings of steel structures. The founding members and employees were former employees of a big local engineering company, the Denzinger Group that went bankrupt in 1981. At that time, the employees and founders of ISP already represented up to 30 years experience and long-time steel construction know-how accumulated during the Denzinger years.

Until the beginning of the 1990s, ISP was focused on engineering services in detail design of steel structures and could look at a list of well-known clients in Germany and Belgium. 

During the 1990s and 2000s, the engineering services of ISP were more and more expanded towards basic engineering scopes like statical calculation and basic design as well as architectural services for industrial steel constructions. As a result, today we can offer a complete range of engineering and architectural services from the first sketches over general arrangement drawings, statical calculations, RFPs to the workshop drawings ready for manufacturing. 

Considering the ongoing development of engineering design unsing 3D software like FrameWorks, TEKLA or Speedikon, ISP is working since the early 2000s with 3D structural steel design software. We are usung 3D software e.g. for preliminary modeling in order to create and hand over documents to receive planning and building permits. After that, 3D software is used during the whole planning and design phase as a basis for all design reviews as well as the statical calculations until the detail design can be completed in the 3D model and workshop drawing for the manufacturer can be derived. 

ISP is always looking to strengthen its engineering capabilities with competent and experienced employees and at the same time ISP is always looking to work with the most powerful and efficient software solutions to be able to provide the best engineering services for our customers: „in time & in budget“.

Our Employees

At ISP, our employees are our main concern. As a small enterprize, we especially focus on a positive working atmosphere - since it has a positive impact on our working results if our engineers and technicians feel good at work. We pay attention to use the best possible tools - that our office, hard- & software meets and exceeds the requirements of our work and our clients and is always on top of the standards and "state of the art". 

Special attention, we pay to training and qualification of our employees. it is essential that we are always on top of what is discussed in our engineering field and what new regulations and standards will bring as well as the use of the newest software solutions. Since we maintain a "healthy and fit" mixture of young and old, we create an agile exchange and communication of ideas and solutions within our workforce - Experience on the one hand and IT know-how on the other.

Continously, we don't only train our existing crew, we also train and educate young graduates to become technicians for steel structure detail design. For many years, we have an excitingly successful program in cooperation with the IHK to qualify young graduates. we are proud that many of our "Azubis" have been honored for finishing as the best apprentice state- and nationwide. We are always looking for motivated students or graduates who want to start an apprenticeship at ISP. 

Our Engineering Services

The scope of our engineering services goes from planning and designing completely new buildings and big structures to consulting services and feasibility studies for small modifications or reconstructions of existing steel structures. The total weight of steel of such projects may vary from 1 ton up to 5,000 tons and more.

Our engineers use powerful software for statical calculations of 2D- and 3D-structures e.g. R-STAB, R-FEM (DLUBAL), Friedrich + Lochner and BauText.

For the structural design (basic and detail), we use the newest software for 2D- and 3D-CAD, e.g. AutoCAD Mechanical, Microstation, FrameWorks, Speedikon and TEKLA Structures (formerly X-Steel).

For many years, we are working with piping/ducting and plant engineering as well as well-known steel manufacturers. Depending on our clients requirements, we provide our documents and models for various interfaces in order to guarantee compatibility of systems and a most efficient teamwork.

ISP Philosophy

Since our clients are the focal point of our operations, our business is based on the philosophy "Only our satisfied clients are our future clients." We are proud that with almost all of our customers we are already working together for many years.

Regarding our engineers - our face to the client - we find very little fluctuation. That means that our clients can rely on working with the same experienced and familiar persons at ISP they are used to work with. To maintain this comfortable situation, we always trying to find new ways to have a positive working atmosphere and state-of-the-art working equipment. After all, only happy and well-educated employees deliver top quality services for our clients.

Satisfied clients, happy employees & successful projects are our critical success factors that drive our business.