Roof & façade for railway platforms - Stadtbahn Bonn (GERMANY)

Stahlbau Queck - Stadtbahn Bonn (GERMANY)

  • Roof & façade support structures, elevators, Skywalkways
  • 3D detail design - workshop drawings
  • Steel weight: approx. 150t
  • Year of construction: 2015
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Support Structures for Dedusting Equipment - Aluminum Plant, Tianjin (CHINA)

Pneumotec Entstaubungstechnik GmbH - Dedusting Equipment Support Structure, Tianjin (CHINA)

  • 2 Lines: Structural steel for extraction systems, conveyor systems and bunkers
  • Basic & Detail Engineering (3D), Workshop Drawings.
  • Steel weight: approx. 300t
  • Year of construction: 2015
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Steam Reformer - Ras Laffan Industrial City (QATAR)

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions - Laffan Refinery Steam Reformer

  • Reformer steel structure, Platforms, Walkways, Penthouse, Roofing & Cladding, 
    Gas manifolds, Combustion air ducts, Transition duct, Radiant box, Tubes & Pipes...
  • Basic & Detail Engineering (3D), General Arrangement Drawings, Workshop drawings.
  • Steel Weight:  approx. 220t
  • Year of construction: 2015


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Roof construction - Cycling Stadium, Berlin (GERMANY)

ThyssenKrupp Steel - Velodrome Berlin (winner of the European Steel Design Award)

  • Self-supporting trussed roof 
  • Structural steel - Workshop drawings, Statical calculation for connnection details
  • Steel Weight: 3.500 t
  • Year of construction: 1993-1996
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Boiler House Platforms - Thermal Power Plant, Solapur (INDIA)

Hitachi Power Engineering - Power Plant Solapur, India

  • Boiler house platforms
  • 3D detail design, workshop drawings, statical calculations
  • Steel weight: approx. 700t
  • Year of construction: 2013 - 2015
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Casting furnace - Austria Metall AG, Braunau am Inn (Austria)

LOI Thermprocess GmbH - AMAG, Casting furnace

  • Supporting structure and tilting device for casting furnace
  • Statical calculations
  • Steel weight: approx. 500t
  • Year of construction: 2015-2016
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Ancal 2 - Entry-, Exit & Inspection-Looper (China)

SMS Siemag - Ancal 2

  • Basic engineering: structural steel, overviews, frame analysis, including anchors, RSTAB model
  • Optional detail engineering: 3D Tekla model, workshop drawingsw, BOMs
  • Steel Weight: 2200t
  • Year: 2014
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Coal conveyor bridge

Evonik Industries AG - Coal conveyor bridge

  • Foundations of the steel structure
  • Feasibility study, preliminiary design, Vorstatik, cost estimation, mass extract steel, 3D model
  • Steel Weight: 500t
  • Year: 2013


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Tinning Construction, Miory (Weißrussland)

SMS-Group - Tinning Construction

  • Tinning Construction with Cleaning Section and Tower
  • Statical calculations, 3D models, workshop drawings
  • Steel Weight: 663 t
  • Year: 2018
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