Why ISP? Why Steel?

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Steel constructions offer economical and ecologically beneficial solutions. Whatever project with steel you intend to do, you will benefit from our professional engineering services starting with the first drafts to the point of execution at the construction site.

Building with steel is environmentally sustainable since the flexibility of steel structures for future modification can not be met by other building materials and the recyclability of steel leaves no ecologically critical waste...

Who are we?

ISP is a professional Engineering Company for designing and dimensioning steel structures of any kind. ISP exists for over 35 years now and has been a reliable partner for all of our clients ever since. In our offices, we employ 20 engineers and technicians. Besides our core engineering services including the basic and detail design and all calculations of structural steel constructions - especially for industrial buildings - we have also taken over further services and tasks (managing, architectural & engineering) for our clients in many projects. 

Our clients belong to different industrial branches - that is why the requirements on the steel structures we design have manifold characteristics. With the majority of our clients, we maintain working relaitioinships for many years.

Our services - engineering and beyond...

It does not matter how specific and unusual your requirements are - at ISP, we work hard for the ideal solution for your steel structure. 

In addition, we always make sure that our experienced and competent team stays up-to-date with all international standards and regulations and is only working with state-of-the-art working equipment in order to provide the best engineering services for our clients.